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Getting Started

Building Hosting And Uploading Your First  Web Page

You Need Certain Tools And Services to Achieve This.
You Can Do It For Free, But It`s Never Your Own, You Will Only Have A Subdomain Of Your Provider And You Will Be Restricted On What You Can Do, Not Recomended. A Domain Name  And Hosting Account  I Do Recommend You Purchase, Their Not Expensive And They Are Required If You Are Truly Are Serious About Becoming An Internet Marketer....

1. To Get Your Own Domain Name,
This is the Name You Want For your First
Web Site (Domain) try to make it contain the main subject keyword or words of what your site will be about,Your Area Of Interest or better still your own name, i.e. and "Brand Yourself". You purchase your domain name  through a broker for a few dollars or pounds, try 
1+1 Or HostGator where you can purchase inexpensive domain names


2. Get Your Own Paid For Hosting,
Hosting Is where your websites/landing pages will reside.

You can get free
hosting not recommended,  I use Mhosting which has low cost excellent hosting from £1 to £4 per month no contract just pay per month untill you don't require it anymore. Check It Out Here

If you choose the free route (not recommended) As you Are Never In Complete Control Of Your Site And Usually Have To Contend With Third Party Advertising As Well,
But If you still insist......

Take A Look Here


3. Now For Your Free WYSIWYG Editor
I recommend you use Sea Monkey or NVU Komposer  Both Very Similar. Sea Monkey  is a web browser that includes an excellent editor and mail program, Kompozer is a stand alone editor.
Click one of the Links Above To
Download Your Free Editor.

Learn How To Start Using Them, Watch The Videos

Komposer Tutorial Videos  Follow This link


 4. You will require a FTP program
to upload your webpages to your site, you can get one
Choose one of the links below to download.
I use
Core Ftp Lite
  or  Filezilla Ftp

Here Are Basic Videos On How To Use Them

Click Play To Start
Videos Found On YouTube


CORE FTP Tutorial


If You Are Going To Take Up Internet Marketing Seriously Then You Will Also Require An Auto Responder,
This Is A Very Important Tool That You Can Use To Comunicate With Your Customers

More About Auto Responders
And  Their Uses

 Follow The Link    AutoResponders

Martin Wilkins

Martin Wilkins
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